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Enhancing Your Internal Communications in a Hybrid Business

Internal communications are becoming more important than ever, find out how you can improve yours with our latest article

  • 8 September 2021

Little over 18 months ago, the main bulk of your internal communications might have been conducted by a quick shout out around the office, a ‘lunch and learn’ style team meeting, or just a notice up in the staff break room. And then, the pandemic hit… Our working lives changed overnight, and suddenly everything was forced to go online and remote for the foreseeable future.

We may have moved past the peak of the pandemic and returned to a kind of normality, but that doesn’t mean that business communications have to return to their pre-pandemic state as well. In fact, with employees now spending more time remote working than ever before, now is the best time to digitalise your internal communications strategy and build a plan which not only informs your colleagues of what’s going on, but invites them to become a part of your overall brand story.

How has the Hybrid Working Environment changed internal comms?
73% of employees want flexible remote working to stay. This means that your internal communications for remote working will likely need to extend long after the lockdown has lifted.

The pandemic has left many companies facing a lack of structure in their internal communications, with different teams and departments unconnected from each other and the wider aims of the business. Over time, from a business standpoint, this disconnection can lead to inconsistent messaging and can seep into your customer relations across a range of touch points. From an internal standpoint, it leads to dissatisfaction in the workplace and can cause a dip in your employee retention rate.

Here at Wisewood Digital, our aim is to change that and bring full teams back on the same page through strategic, well-planned, and finely executed digital communications. Not only does this span across the entire roster of working environments, drawing remote and office-based teams together, but it also creates a standard for communicating everything from business objectives to team awards and more.

Let’s take a closer look at how this works in practice…

How video production can boost your internal comms

With our Founding Board made up of three experts from the field of events, digital excellence and innovation, video production is a core service that we offer as part of our digital communications strategy.

Telling your story is something that every brand and business knows they should do – and yet most are channelling all their energy into external marketing solutions; forgetting that the heart of the business lies in their internal team, and that these are the team members who will be representing the business and brand across various touchpoints.

So, in regards to the video production. How exactly does it work?

From staff training to weekly or monthly announcements, staff awards, and health and safety updates, short videos shared as part of an internal communications strategy set a standard for digital comms which engage and share the same information with all team members – regardless of where they work and how large their department or team is. Whether it’s a short regular video which is sent out to all employees, or a longer round-up of news from a set period of time, video production is an engaging and interactive way of getting the whole team on board no matter where they are logging in from – and it’s fun to produce!

George Foden, our Events director, sums the video production service up perfectly:

“Our entire production process from initial planning to studio production, and ultimately the live streaming of video content to your audience, is meticulously designed to ensure your story is delivered securely and reliably.”

The Benefits of a digital internal communications strategy

Not only does a digital communications strategy save you time and effort when it comes to internal comms, but it also delivers the following benefits for your business:

  • Staff retention and satisfaction increases when team members are given purpose, community, and an important role in your brand story.
  • By empowering your team members with your brand story, you are giving them more drive to go out and share that story with the end customer through their individual roles and responsibilities.
  • Innovative and creative innovation will help spark the imagination of your team.

And best of all, our job is to help you bring all this to life using our expertise, knowledge, and love for all things people and storytelling.

For more information on how Wisewood Digital can help support your internal communications through a transformation digital strategy, get in touch with our team today!