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How we work: Create

We create the content to communicate your purpose.

  • 18 July 2021

Wisewood Digital uses research-based data to create strategic, internal content that can answer business objectives and connect disconnected workforces.

Our experienced filmmakers will bring your stories to life using the latest digital tools. So your film content will be rich, structured, and most importantly, broadcast quality. Positioning your internal comms platform with content that connects the workforce from the CEO down, and tells the story of your organisation. 

We might focus on your new purpose strategy and create a dynamic, Netflix style documentary film exploring the theme of how economic growth can be more just.

Or host a ‘CEO’ Digital Surgery giving an opportunity for people to engage with senior management to discuss company goals, upcoming projects, and workplace culture. 

Or a virtual ‘Money Box’ style studio discussion, with a team of experts to discuss topical issues highlighting investment opportunities for your employees.

There might be a daily 45 minute lunch time broadcast of wellbeing activities, such as yoga, meditation and  nutrition.

We might film colleagues volunteering at the charities your company supports, ensuring their contribution and the impact it is having is being recognised and shared throughout the business… encouraging more staff to engage and get involved.

Ultimately, it’s a chance for your own TV channel. Full of programming and content that matters to your workforce.