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Introducing Wisewood Digital

Wisewood Digital can help you create an internal communications strategy during the age of hybrid working

  • 8 August 2021

As a growing business in the technology-fuelled 21st century, it can be very easy to focus all your energy on sharing core messages to your customer - forgetting all about the internal communications that keep your team enthusiastic, committed and working towards the same goal. Studies have found that up to 60% of companies are operating without strategy for their internal communications - leaving their workforces seeking purpose, community, and acknowledgement. We aim to change that, and use the breadth of technology available to us as a tool for bringing teams together through deliberate, connected, and innovate communication. Introducing Wisewood Digital.

Who we are
Our team foundation is built on a blend of creativity and fine tuned management, drawing on the importance of both digital solutions and human experiences to create a business solution that delivers what you need, when you need it, as your team adapts to hybrid working.

What that means is that we bring innovation and creativity to everything we do, building experiential strategies and telling stories which are always based upon the end goal. A great deal of our experience comes from the world of live events and digital content, which gives us an edge when it comes to delivering and telling your brand story from a meaningful perspective, in order to capture the imagination and buy-in of those who are often the most difficult to convince: your team.

David Wise, our Managing Director, first founded Wise Productions in 1990 and has since used that business as a platform to build relationships with both venues and clients. This new venture takes a step back from the final delivery to customers and invites businesses to look at the inner workings of their organisation. Where there’s a team, there is always a story – and we help you to tell it.

Joining David on the founders board is creative director Adam Blackwood; and events director George Foden. Both bring a great deal of experience to the table across a range of industries, taking brand and event experiences from concept and design, through to delivery.

What we do
The process of working with Wisewood Digital is designed to give your brand or business a strong and well-defined internal communications strategy; finding new ways of telling your brand story in a way in which your employees and colleagues can resonate, during the age of hybrid working.

Far too often, brands are repurposing the same messages both internally and externally, with little regard for the varying touch points and experiences that these two different core groups have with the brand. The best way to attract and retain a strong workforce is to invite them to understand and buy into the brand story from day one – and then continue to deliver well structured content and messaging through a clear strategy.

The bottom line is: if you get your internal communications right, employee retention, wellness, productivity, and overall satisfaction will all benefit.

How we can help
As a branch away from the core operations of Wise Productions, Wisewood Digital employs the same digital know-how and innovation, but with a U-turn in delivery. Working with Wisewood Digital means acknowledging and putting your team and internal communications in the spotlight as hybrid working evolves. We will find new ways of delivering that brand story to the group of people who literally bring your business to life, and to your customers, every single day.

As well as helping you to frame and tell the story in the right way for your team, we also channel a great deal of time into measuring KPI’s and understanding the impact that the changes have on your team’s wellbeing and productivity. What this means is that return on investment for you, our client, is always fully transparent and clear – and that we always focus on the areas which bring the most benefit to your business.

And of course, no Wise Productions or Wisewood Digital service would be complete without a little technical ingenuity. That’s why one of our core services focuses on broadcasting and creating engaging visuals to share your brand mission – from films to events, live streams, and so much more.

So, what’s next? Why not get in touch with our team and find out how we can help your business and your team thrive and grow from the inside, out!