The only way to effectively communicate with employees is to first listen and understand them. Who is your audience? How do they engage? We love research. So before anything, we’ll immerse ourselves in your culture and truly get to know your people.


True collaboration

We work in collaboration with clients to build discreet, ongoing relationships. Our subscription model isn’t about creating-and-leaving. It’s data driven. It’s about understanding an organisation’s internal goals, and delivering the content that’s needed to achieve ROI.

That’s why we conduct in-depth research to discover the wants and needs of your employees. Their views, attitudes, and values. What do they know and how do they behave? We work to connect the silos. This can be through focus groups, phone calls, in-person interviews, or surveys.

With many employees working remotely, we also start to look at how employees connect with each other. How are they collaborating and sharing information? And is your company’s vision, culture, and objectives still being upheld while everyone is so spread out?


We make content to communicate your purpose. No matter if it’s a film, a speech, or a virtual or live event; all our content is strategically-minded, entirely bespoke, and created with a tangible goal in mind.


Broadcast Quality

If audiences are going to relate with content, they first have to trust the storyteller. Which is why we’ll help turn your organisation’s comms into a true source of information and entertainment.

Of course, the stories themselves also have to be told well. Engagingly, creatively, and beautifully. Our experienced filmmakers will bring your stories to life using the latest digital tools. Meaning your film content will be rich, structured, and broadcast quality. And positioning your internal comms platforms with content that connects the workforce and tells the story of your organisation.


The success of any organisation is driven by its people. And how well they communicate. This means that organisations need to consider how their employees communicate outside of work. What kind of content do they consume, in what format, and through which channels? And then bring this thinking in-house.


Stories you can feel

Storytelling is at the heart of our process. It creates effective, efficient and powerful communication that engages audiences. And that’s because people remember a well-told story.

This gives us an opportunity to create a framework for your organisation’s communication, and share information in way that is not just viewed… but felt. It will create a shared narrative around which common bonds can begin to form.


Our work doesn’t end at creating engaging stories. Instead we’re dedicated to measuring KPIs, gauging the impact, and building those learnings in to every future piece we create for you to deliver ROI.


Company DNA

Measurement allows us to understand which communication methods, techniques, and content are the right fit for your organisation. This helps us tailor our work to every client and keep it focused on return on investment. Leaving you with the information needed to put your financial resources into the areas that are working, and focused-down on those which aren’t.

Return on investment

Storytelling with impact

Yes, we believe in the art of storytelling. But we also want those stories to have meaning and lasting value. That’s why we empower clients to measure our impact, so that you can see it’s true ROI: whether through employee productivity, satisfaction, or a dozen other metrics.

Employee Wellness

These days a workplace’s culture is key to attracting the very best talent. And to keeping them healthy and productive. Communication of your values, stories, and understanding should be at the core of this process.

Staff Retention

Employees are the heartbeat of your organisation. They develop your product, support your customers, and generate new ideas. So let your content show them how you feel, what’s in it for them, and help amplify their voice.