Telling your story

A place of work is about more than the work day. It’s about ideas, connections, and common goals. It’s about people… and the lives they lead together while taking care of business.

So it’s no wonder that now – more than ever – employees seek purpose, community, an understanding of what’s really going on.

That’s where stories come in

Your organisation is built on stories. Tales of the work being done, what it’s in aid-of, the people behind the hours. How you got here and the road ahead.

But are those stories being told effectively? Are they getting your employees up in the morning, ready to give everything?

That’s where WiseWood comes in

We partner with businesses to create research based, data driven, internal content that communicates directly with your most important people… your employees.

Whether that’s a mini-documentary series about exciting new company projects, circulated exclusively on your Slack channels. Or a monthly awards ceremony to recognise your brightest and best, broadcast live on your intranet. Every piece of content that we create is tailored to communicate better your organisation’s purpose. Measured against KPIs of employee retention, productivity, wellness, or beyond.

Your organisation is built on stories and we’ll help you tell them

“We don’t believe that ‘good enough’ is actually good enough. We combine business research with broadcast quality content to make your stories work harder for you. With the creativity, experience, tech, facilities, and network of talent to deliver above-and-beyond.”

Adam Blackwood Creative Director