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  • 13 July 2021

Wisewood Digital connecting disconnected workforces.

Are you communicating your culture and purpose as well as you need to, both inside and outside your company? Because that challenge has just become a lot more difficult with accelerated digitisation and hybrid working.

That’s where Wisewood Digital comes in, we help you meet that challenge head on, with high quality broadcast content.

First and foremost our work is research based and data driven. What we bring is a fresh pair of eyes. We include all your stakeholders and we connect the silos. So we can prove the numbers and create tangible and meaningful benefits.

Of course, every organisation is different, so before agreeing the measurement criteria comes some in depth research. Together, we’ll identify and evaluate KPI’s such as retention, absenteeism, wellness, job satisfaction, productivity and engagement with your company purpose.

We’ll encourage colleagues to contribute using our feedback systems so our research isn’t just one-way. This research, feedback and continuous data measurement is ongoing, developing as we work together. This is absolutely vital to long term success and to producing authentic broadcast communications.

Wisewood Digital uses research-based data to create strategic, internal content that can answer business objectives and connect disconnected workforces.